Making a Positive Difference in IB

In today's world of tweetstorms, accomplishing real things that make a difference in improving the quality of life for all is a big deal.

While on social media, conflict, bullying and bad behavior are often the norm, in the reality based world of Imperial Beach, we can only move our beautiful little beach town forward in a positive direction by working collaboratively, cooperatively, and respectfully in a focused way.

That is why I have been relentless as Mayor of Imperial Beach in cleaning up blight, tearing down rusty and rotten chain link fences that mar our city, going after negligent slumlords and working with corporate and government partners to bring about positive change to improve the quality of life for all, in every corner of Imperial Beach.

One of my first meetings as a new Mayor back in 2015, was about fixing up what was then a dilapidated building owned by AT&T.

For decades, city officials and past Mayors had attempted to get AT&T to fix up its building that literally seemed to be falling apart.

But by assembling a team of artists, city staff and community development organizations, we made the case to AT&T officials that our ambitious urban renewal plans for Imperial Beach made the cleanup of their building--that marred the intersection of 13th Street and Highway 75--an absolute priority. 

More than three years later, after countless meetings and financial support from AT&T and local organizations such as IB Beautiful, and local artists (under the leadership of Todd Stands), there is now a gorgeous wildlife and ocean mural that wraps the south and west building wells as well as the corner that faces 13th Street.

During the entire time it took to make this project happen, everyone worked together civilly, respectfully and collaboratively on a project that brightens up our city and reflects our commitment to improving our neighborhoods for the better.

And that is why I am running for re-election--because it takes determined, civil, focussed, strategic and relentless effort to make a difference and improve the the quality of life for all. 

So please generously support our campaign--this movement for good-- to make sure that our cool little beach town has the leadership to be as relentless when it comes to attacking blight as we do when it comes to fighting border pollution and corporate polluters who cause climate change.  

Thanks to all of your who have donated so far and those of you who are volunteering for the campaign.

I look forward to seeing everyone on the campaign trail-and can't wait to continue our campaign to continue to make a positive difference in Imperial Beach, California. 



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  • Matt Norlien
    commented 2018-07-30 21:34:34 -0700
    Did u just say it took you 3 years to talk a company into painting murals on a building? And that is a great achievement? How much money did the city pay for this in the three years?