Why I am Running for Re-election as Mayor of Imperial Beach

I still remember my first day in Imperial Beach. It was early September 1971. I was seven years old and my family had just moved into our little two-bedroom house in a cul-de-sac on the 1400 block of Hemlock Avenue (just a couple of blocks east of the entrance to Ream Field).

After a long day unloading boxes, my dad loaded up my mother, my little brother Nicky and our dog Shadow into our 1968 Ford Falcon station wagon and we headed to the beach.

I will never forget seeing the Coronado Islands for the first time. I can still picture myself bodysurfing the waves and the elation I felt knowing that I could go to the beach everyday if I wanted to.


Like many of my friends I grew up with in our blue collar and diverse neighborhood at the edge of I.B., my family didn’t have much in the way of money. But no one did back then.

The parents of my friends hailed from California, Michigan, Alabama, Wisconsin, Georgia, Maine, Hawaii, Texas, Mexico, Japan, Korea, Germany, England, Philippines, El Salvador, and Argentina. But I don’t remember anyone really commenting too much on our differences. We were all united in our IBness—in our lack of money, our Sears, Commisary and Goodwill clothes and our fierce desire to explore our town and our dedication to each other and to our community.

My friends and I ran, skateboarded and rode our bicycles around our neighborhood, down to the beach, and into the Tijuana River Valley. If we were lucky there’d be freshly baked chocolate chip cookies and cold glasses of milk on a table waiting for us after a long day of whatever adventure we had embarked on.

At the age of 15 while a freshman at Mar Vista, I became active in local beach issues. Brian Bilbray was the mayor back then and he and council member Hazel Bailey (who ran the pier concession stand and bait shop) appointed me to the first-ever I.B. Youth Commission. After I put myself through UCSD while working as an I.B. Lifeguard, I was appointed to the Tidelands Advisory Committee.

In both cases I was proud to be able to contribute in a small way to the city I loved so deeply. During our committee meetings we worked to to find common ground to improve our city. 

That act of participation was important because “we the people” is not just a theory—it is call of duty that must be continually renewed and given meaning through our participation as active and equal members of our local government.

And that is why I am running for re-election as Mayor of Imperial Beach.

So that we can continue to work together respectfully and civilly, to invest in our future and provide a high quality of life for every resident in every neighborhood of IB. 

As I renew my campaign and movement to invest in our future in Imperial Beach I invite everyone who loves our great little beach town to join me.

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  • Lola Miller
    commented 2018-05-05 21:01:57 -0700
    We just moved to IB in August. I love this place. A small town feel , everyone is friendly and we all seem to care about our environment and our beaches. You have our vote . I love your word, IBness ❤️ Lola